Our Services

The Concrete Cutter has used a small machine to cut up an obsolete shed floor.
We can cut your job into sizes suitable to be moved by hand or larger pieces for removal by an excavator or Bobcat.
We cut kerbs, cross-overs, paths, trenches as well as expertly cutting joints in new concrete to control cracking.

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Core Drilling on Wall           
The Concrete Cutter team are equipped for core drilling. Our drill sizes range from 18mm. to 300mm.
Drilling can be carried out on concrete and brick walls, suspended floors, concrete or bitumen on the ground and concrete footings and pits.
Core drilling is often the best option for plumbing and electrical penetrations.
Pool fences and bollard installations always look neater with core-drilled holes. We utilise hand-held or stand mounted drills as the job requires and can drill angled holes
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Domestic Joint Cutting
New driveways paths and patios all require joints to control cracking. Our experienced operators place the joints where needed while still giving consideration to the final appearance of your new concrete

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Decorative Cutting
Add some style!
Here The Concrete Cutter has cut a 'tile pattern'. Such cutting can be done parralel to the edges or on a 45 degree angle to make 'tiles' of any size.
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Commerical Cutting
The Concrete Cutter operatorstake pride in the long, straight cutting required for joints to factory floors and car parks. We undertake all general cutting in factory situations- pits, trenches,damaged areas, machine bases & wall sawing.